понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.

Interesting projects

   Doing business in Russia

- Opening of the small cafes (mobile or permanent) inside or near subway stations in St. Petersburg.
 For instance, if people want to have some coffee near metro on their way to or back from work? Such café are really scarce. Is it a business opportunity? The flow of visitors is huge! St. Petersburg is home to about 5 million people.

- Beer
Where is the wide range of original imported beers? Why the number of foreign brand breweries is so small? The demand is huge!

- Large zoos
Open space zoos with animals are kept almost “in the wild” should be established in Russia!?! For instance, in Russia we do not have such zoological gardens as Swedish Kolmaden. Such zoos in the vicinity of megacities like St. Petersburg or Moscow would have attracted a large number of visitors.

- Real Estate
Current price of land in Leningrad Region fell by 10-12% compared to the past 4 years level. One can buy it and build houses to earn 30-35% profit.

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