понедельник, 8 июля 2013 г.


 Fresh ideas for the business

1) Tired of traffic jams and overcrowded public transport! Let's solve this problem ....
• Aerial tramway
• Above-ground pipelines with air or water pumps to transport people in "capsules"
• More extensive use of water space in cities for passenger transport

2) Generate energy from natural phenomena!? Volcanoes, geysers, fireballs can be sources of energy? Let's try to use it? No pain no gain.

3) Eat and drink in a restaurant carried by a hot air balloon or airship? Exotic experience!

4) How to increase sales in stores?
• If a hypermarket offers special discounts for repeated visits. The more visits a customer makes during a week, the larger is his discount. That would be beneficial for both the store and customers!
• Free hot drinks at cold time and refreshing drinks when the weather is hot, in exchange for viewing ads in a magazine while seating in a comfortable chair. Good!

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